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News 4 years ago

Water, or water?

Water is made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. These atoms can be configures in two different way to make different isomers.

As they are nearly identical, they have no effect on us whether we drink one or the other (water is usually composed of both types of isomers).

However, these two different waters can behave differently in delicate research experiments. Having the two separated could make for more accurate testing and results.

News 4 years ago

Guess who's back?!

After a brief hiatus we have a new leaf cutter ant colony! Our new tank is one of the largest in Europe. Over the next few weeks and months the colony will grow from roughly 7000 to around a MILLION ants!

News 4 years ago

Would you trust a robot with your money?

Meet Little Dragon: guardian of the world's first "human-free" bank branch. At a Shanghai branch of China Construction Bank she is able to help you with your everyday banking needs including checking accounts and answering basic customer questions. She joins a whole host of robot workers in China from waiters to guards and beyond. One day this technology could become commonplace in the world; in the future we may even see robots on the front desk at Techniquest!

(Image from original article by The Guardian)

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