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Hydrogen Rocket


Turn the handle until you have enough rocket fuel. What happens when you press the red button?

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The gases burn and shoot the rocket up in the air.

Water into Rocket Fuel?

Turning the handle makes electricity which flows to electrodes in the water. The electrical energy splits the water into its two elements, hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen burns quickly and is used as fuel for the rocket. Hydrogen bubbles can be seen coming from the negative (-) electrode, oxygen bubbles from the positive (+) electrode. The gases are collected until there is enough to launch the rocket. Pressing the button starts the launch sequence; the hydrogen fuel and oxygen are fed to the combustion chamber, making an explosive mixture. A spark then ignites it, the two elements combining to form water. A lot of heat is made so the water is in the form of steam. This expanding gas forces the rocket up into the air.

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How can you make an explosion from just water?

Come and use our very own Hydrogen Rocket where you will be able to separate the hydrogen and oxygen from water and ignite to cause enough of an explosion to launch our TQ rocket up into the air.


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