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See Heat


Look at yourself in infrared.

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The video camera uses heat waves (infrared rays) instead of light. Different temperatures of your skin and clothes are shown as different colours on the screen. Which parts of your body appear to be the hottest?

Are infrared cameras important?

Today fire departments all over the world are making sure that thermal imaging cameras are included in standard equipment for every individual crew member.

This advanced technology will help firefighters attack the fires more strategically and locate victims faster. They can also detect energy emitted through a door or wall, as well as energy reflected off of water or mirrors, even though the heat may not actually be coming from those points.

Animals and infrared

Vipers, pythons and boas have holes on their faces called pit organs, which contain a membrane that can detect infrared light from any living thing, it’s like being able to see in the dark.

Therefore whilst hunting, their pray shines like a beacon in the night. This superpower gives them a beneficial advantage in the wild and makes them an extremely dangerous animal.

Invisible Light in Space

There are many different kinds of light. Most of which we cannot normally see, such as infrared. Scientists can use these different lights to explore the universe beyond what we would normally be able to see.

This video shows the Sun viewed through different wavelengths of light, colourised so we can see them.

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