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Pig Pen Puzzle


You have to slot the fences together to form separate pens for the 4 pigs in the square.

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The wooden ‘fences’ each have three slots in one side, like a comb. They fit together, a long slot in one fitting a short slot in the other. The problem is to use the set of slotted fences available to make the perfectly fitting pen.

Clue 1


Put two fences down so that there are identical slots at the corners of the square (e.g. LLL and LSL on opposite sides).


Clue 2


Put one fence, either a LLS or LSL, across the middle of the puzzle.


Clue 3


By adopting either Clues 1or 2 and using the diagram, you should be able to form the separate pens for the 4 pigs in the square.


Pig Pen Puzzle Visitor Sheet

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Pig Pen Puzzle Visitor Sheet
Puzzles 5 years ago

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