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AR - Augmented reality screen

Walk with dinosaurs, dance with a polar bear and jump along with an astronaut! Our Augmented reality screen, also known as an AR screen, uses a camera and computer software to insert film and animations right next to you. You'll be able to see yourself getting up close with all kinds of animals and more which is something you'd never be able to do safely in real life.

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You may have heard the terms augmented reality and Virtual reality, but what are they? Virtual reality is an immersive experience, by wearing a headset that tracks your movements it fools your senses into thinking you're somewhere else. You may have seen this in the film ready player one or seen the VR headsets for the PlayStation. There are lots of uses for VR from medical and therapy to gaming. Augmented reality is where you overlay something digital over the world around you. The most common ways to use AR are through a phone or tablet screen but glasses are being developed too. You may have seen AR as funny filter on snapchat or facebook but it can do lots more. Most Ar devices use a camera and sensors to work out where they are and what they're looking at, with some powerful computing they can then overlay animations or information onto the image for you to see.

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Welcome to Look Closer, Techniquest's brand new digital tool. We're trialling Look Closer as a way of offering you a closer look at the science demonstrated by many of our exhibits. You'll find visitor sheets, videos, articles on contemporary science as well as fun trails to navigate your way around the exhibition space.

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