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Welcome to Look Closer, Techniquest’s interactive digital tool.

Look Closer offers you new ways to experience all we have to offer. Whether that is delving even further into one of our many exhibits, following a trail around the exhibition to test your scientific knowledge and reasoning or learning about topics that inspire you.

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News 4 years ago

Jumping Spiders!

Some species of spiders can jump amazing distances from a standing start - up to 6 times their own body length! Scientists at the University of Manchester have been studying the mechanics behind these amazing jumping powers. Unlocking the secrets of these extraordinary leaps could help design a new generation of robots inspired by nature.

News 4 years ago

Statistically, something is going on

Once again it is the hottest day of the year. Statistics like this are important, but we should be careful when using them. It is very easy to misuse statistics or misunderstand them and come to wrong conclusions as shown in this video.

News 4 years ago

Finding Exoplanets

On 18th April, NASA launched their latest exoplanet-hunting telescope TESS.

TESS will be continuing the work of the Kepler Space Telescope, which is due to run out of fuel by the end of the year. Kepler has found over 5000 exoplanet candidates since its launch in 2009. It is expected that TESS will find 20,000 new candidate exoplanets in the next two years thanks to its ability to search a much larger are

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Look Closer

Welcome to Look Closer, Techniquest's brand new digital tool. We're trialling Look Closer as a way of offering you a closer look at the science demonstrated by many of our exhibits. You'll find visitor sheets, videos, articles on contemporary science as well as fun trails to navigate your way around the exhibition space.

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